Peace Pole Planted at AKS

“We are far more united and we have far more in common with each other than that which divide us.” (Jo Cox)

On Monday 13th May 2019 we celebrated the official installation of our Peace Pole in the grounds of AKS, which has been kindly donated by Councillor Karen Henshaw JP, Mayor of St Anne’s and also sponsored by Lytham and St Anne’s Rotary Clubs. 

Councillor Henshaw, came up with the wonderful idea and she sourced the piece of Scottish Larch used to create the Peace pole. The pole was constructed and installed by Andy Wall and the school groundsmen and is inscribed with “Peace be with you” in six languages: Arabic, English, Hebrew, Hindi, Spanish and Chinese. These languages were chosen to reflect the different languages spoken by students at our school. 

Our Peace Pole is a symbolic link to people all over the world who have also planted Peace Poles in the same spirit of peace. There are thousands of Peace Poles in many countries around the world, dedicated as monuments to peace and to serve as constant reminders for us all. However there are not many in Lancashire and we are very grateful to have one in our school grounds. 

The Peace Pole community project fits alongside many of the characteristics of the Round Square Discoveries Framework that guides character education at AKS. The project also supports our school objective to enhance the spiritual and cultural awareness of all students, embodied in the words of the late Jo Cox, “We are far more united and we have far more in common with each other than that which divide us.”

A variety of school governors, teachers, parents and guests from the local community, including the Rotary Club, attended the ceremony. Students from both the Senior School and Junior School, including the Head Girl and Head Boy the Deputy Head Girl and Boy,  Senior prefects, Year 5 and 6 children, School Council members and the school International Committee were all involved. 

During the celebration the Senior School Choir played some uplifting songs and one of the pupils shared a beautiful poem about peace.  We listened to a selection of faith leaders explain what peace means to them in their own personal way.  We were delighted to welcome representatives of many different faiths who gave their messages of peace in the ceremony. As a school we are planning to have benches built around the Peace Pole so our pupils and extended school community have the opportunity to spend reflective time our new Peace Garden.