Compassion – our half-term focus

Miss De Miranda opened her Round Square senior school assembly earlier this month to introduce this half-term’s focus on ‘Compassion’ by showing a video of Beyonce singing “I was Here” at the United Nations Congress, on Humanitarian Day back in 2012, noting that it “links perfectly into this half term’s RS Discovery – Compassion”

Her assembly was based on two words COMPASSION and the act that shows compassion which is KINDNESS. This is an act that can be small or large but has the same impact on the person who receives it – an overwhelming sense that someone cares about you and has noticed your suffering.

She noted that it was the International Day of Kindness earlier in November, but that it’s a day which is often missed because, “our lives move at great speed … we get completely focused and obsessed by what is affecting us at the moment, and in the moment …… exams, making the team, getting a part in the play, passing GCSEs, A levels, going to University, getting the best job, how many likes we can obtain on our social media platform, the list is endless and often stressful that sometimes we forget the simple things in life”.

She then asked the students to spend a moment to think about the sort of people they are, referring to the words spoken by Sophie Trudeau, (Canada’s First Lady) at the Round Square International Conference last year in Canada, “Who are you? Who are you really? When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Are you a kind and compassionate person, do you care about others?”

At AKS there are many ways our students can make a difference to others. One of the school’s current initiatives is Mission Christmas which has been recently launched in school. It is a project which encourages people to donate a toy to be given to disadvantaged children at Christmas.

But Miss De went beyond asking the students to support such campaigns, she also set them a challenge closer to home to create a virtuous circle of compassion within AKS, “I’d like to set a challenge to those that would like to accept it. Why don’t you create your own kindness advent calendar, so each time you have a chocolate write down an act of kindness you have already done or will be doing that day?”.

The assembly concluded with the message that being compassionate isn’t all about helping others and that it’s also important to be compassionate towards ourselves – a lesson for life.