The Round Square IDEALS Challenge

The Pre-A Level course has given students the opportunity to have their thinking challenged by taking part in the Round Square IDEALS challenge with Leadership being the focus over the past 4 weeks. The big question being, what makes an effective leader in times of adversity? Students then had to complete a number of activities and reflective exercises independently. 

This gave students a flavour of what is to come as part of their 6th Form studies; each one of the IDEALS will go ‘live’ each half term. Completion of all 6 of the IDEALS; International, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service will result in an official certificate from Round Square. I thoroughly enjoyed looking over all of the work that was submitted. Here are just a couple of examples. 

In times of adversity our world needs a leader who can take charge and reassure others they are going to be OK. A leader who can inspire individuals to pull together and not turn to hate. Someone who can take criticism and adapt quickly. Someone who can listen to their team and come up with creative and effective solutions. Someone who can put their own personal problems on hold to care for the needs of others. A true leader needs to take full responsibility and be courageous enough to take control as well as be commanding. Mia W

In times of adversity our world needs a leader who isdetermined to find a solution that will be the right one for the majority, through quick thinking and logical decision-making. They need to also ensure they use all the resources offered to them. They should have compassion for those affected and understand their responsibility to help them. Annaleise H