Communication Skills – My Call to Action

Knowing I needed a focus for this half term, I decided to rank the 12 RS Discoveries in a hierarchy of importance from most important to least. Whilst I usually would advocate that all of the discoveries are equally as important as each other, I started to think about the context we find ourselves in, and right now more than ever how important communication is.

The ability to communicate effectively felt almost superior and made me stop for a second and think about the last time I ‘checked in’ on how I communicate to others and how much power, we as individuals hold, as communicators. I wanted this assembly to give me and you the opportunity to ‘check in’ and truly understand that getting this right, being more aware of yourself in any given circumstance, is like a super-power you currently have but haven’t quite mastered yet.

So, to be a truly effective communicator we need to be a lot more authentic. We do not need to complicate things, we all have the ability to communicate that little bit better…so here are my top tips!

When speaking in class let us try to be more clear, articulate and concise. Let us try to think before we answer questions posed to us and remove the ‘like’ and ‘errr’ some of us have a habit of using.

When speaking to others remember communication is more than just words.

It is how you say things, the tone of voice that you use.

It is the reason why you are saying it and the intention behind what you are trying to say.

It is when you say it, picking the right moment not only for you but the person you are communicating to.

It is also what you do not say and that can sometimes speak volumes. This alongside your body language is the tell-tale factor of whether you are being completely genuine in your interactions with others. Look at others when they speak to you with interest, be present in that moment with them. Their words matter. As do yours, treat other people’s words with the importance that you place on your own.

This World at present is an uncertain one. Now, more than ever, as we seek for a friend to confide in, a person we can feel safe around, an ally to vent our frustration too, our communication skills matter. This does not mean being in control or dominating the conversation. Not trying to fix a person’s problems or giving your own advice but merely trying to listen, listen with interest, ask questions that ensure we fully understand the situation someone is in, be empathetic as only they truly know the extent of their situation.

Do not forget to use your words to praise, compliment and congratulate. I do not think I do enough of that.

I hope that knowing a little more about how to effectively communicate will provide you with lots to think about as you go about your day, today, communicating to all those that you encounter along the way. What you have to say to others and how go about saying it, is of most importance.

Let us take a moment to reflect on all that has been said.

What one commitment can you make to improve upon your communication skills?

For me, on occasions with the excitement to share my own ideas I have noticed I can unintentionally interrupt others, which can make others feel like I am not listening to them. I pledge to try and stop doing this, so please hold me to account if you notice it and support me in trying to better myself.

Let us make these commitments together and pledge our dedication to them.

Mrs Marland