Global Studies Virtual Learning Experience

The experience through the eyes of a student:  

Today I received my certificate from Felsted School, to acknowledge that I completed the Global Studies virtual learning course online during the summer holidays. The course was one of the most enlightening and interesting experiences as we highlighted global issues and happenings, but with an international perspective as there were people attending the course from all over the world. After this very insular summer spent in lockdown, being able to connect with people all over the world with similar, yet wildly different experiences, was incredible. It allowed me to think of things with a global eye instead of what is happening near and around me. 

In the first lesson we learned about international relations theories, which we could then apply to later lessons such as cultural diversity and foreign aid. After the live lessons there was always some discussions on the forums where we got to share our thoughts on the lesson. Everyone was enthusiastic and willing to take part which made the experience lively and enjoyable. 

The course was conducted by Daniel Emmerson, Director of Global Studies at Felsted School, and he allowed the students to express their thoughts and push us to depict them in greater detail. We learned about controversial topics, such as human rights, all within the context of the current pandemic which brought about a modern and up to date feel to the whole course.  

The students who attended the course were all very welcoming and open minded, everyone treated each other with respect and everyone who wanted to speak had the chance to convey their thoughts. From the students I learned all about the struggles in Argentina, how Singapore is handling the coronavirus, the two lockdowns in Kazakhstan, the measures in place in New Zealand and much more.  

I had the best time and I urge anyone who has any opportunity to do anything like this to take it. It expanded my knowledge and provoked my mind to think in ways that it has never done before, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  Mia W

The experience through the eyes of a parent:  

‘As a parent, I was impressed to see how the Round Square Global Studies Conference gave my son the opportunity to take part in debates and discussion with other pupils globally. The topic was researched in the morning and then discussed in a large group and smaller ‘break out’ groups too. This allowed my son to feel more empowered to speak or type ideas and gave him the confidence to communicate more effectively with others of a similar age. The topics, such as the Pandemic, Equality and how countries run state affairs were discussed giving my son a better understanding of global strategies and this will be very useful as he starts his Geography A Level course.’ Mrs A Briggs 

A big ‘well done’ to Ben B, Max M, Anna D, Sophia I, Oliver A, Arseniy G, Mia W and Tara W for completing the course.