Global Studies Programme – December 2020

As members of Round Square, our students are given many opportunities to connect and work with students from all around the globe. Today’s students are the next generation of business, political and community leaders and, as a Round Square school, we feel our responsibility is to shape the way in which students understand, prepare for, and respond to the world’s challenges both now and in the future. More information with regards to Round Square can be found here:  

We are looking forward to a collaboration with Felsted School, Essex who are running another online 5 day online Global Studies programme from Thursday 17th to Tuesday 22nd December2020

Six students from AKS have signed up to join the Programme covering:

  • Narcotics and Pharmaceuticals as Global Industries
  • Slavery in the Year 2020
  • Systematic Racism: Why what we do next matters most
  • Art, Social Media and The Revolution
  • Artificial Intelligence: Closing the biological gap between Humans and Machines

The course includes a one day ‘virtual excursion’. All proceeds will be donated to 2 charities; Marcus Rashford free school dinner initiative and Felstead’s Alms Houses charity that supports a group of elderly people who have no family and live on site at the school. 

The programme of study will explore several global issues and concepts. There will be 3 hours of live content which will be presented in a semi flexible format each day. This comes in addition to pre-recorded lectures and live interactive sessions. Students will also speak with other students around the world to try to understand different viewpoints about how some global issues may be perceived. 

The structure of each day would be 11:00 to 12:30, Part 1 of live online lessons then 14:00 to 15:30 Part 2 of live online lessons. Pre-recorded video content and lesson materials will be provided for each day and will require an hour of students’ own study time to go through this material. This will allow students to then have the basic knowledge of the subject matter which will then allow you to engage in each of the live online lessons along with providing further reading and research around the topic. We are looking for committed, passionate and enthusiastic students to represent AKS within this forum. 

This fabulous opportunity to broaden our pupils’ awareness and knowledge of global issues is open to pupils aged 14 to 17. A similar course ran at the end of the last academic year and was very popular amongst our students. The following link will provide you with more information from their perspective: Global Studies Virtual Learning Experience | AKS Lytham Round Square