Students present at RS Virtual Conference Singapore

Today, at the Round Square Virtual Conference at UWCSEA, Singapore, we presented our infographic of what we believe our local area would look like in 50 years’ time. This task was extremely interesting to think about and provided a great discussion.

After working together all week to decide upon our ideas, Harry, Alfie, Zain, Eleanor, Evangeline and I presented our thoughts individually in breakout rooms to other delegates around the World. In turn, we listened to the presentations from other schools and learnt about their cities. This certainly made me think. I soon realised what I need to do to ensure I live in the place I hope to in the next 50 years, not the place that unfortunately we are heading for if we do not act.   

Today, I have realised more than ever, the need, importance and power to communicate. Through this project I have communicated in meetings with my peers, communicated through an infographic all of our ideas, rehearsed and practiced my speech, then individually presented our ideas to delegates around the World in our own words. 

To present an elevated pitch, within a 2 minute time window, was no easy task. It took courage, as well as ensuring we spoke with clarity, understanding and knowledge. I feel that I truly achieved something today, something to be proud of. 

Lucy T – Year 8 Delegate